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Farm Bill Makes CBD Hemp Cigarettes Legal

In late 2018, Congress passed the Farm Bill in the Senate by 87 to 13 and the House by 369 to 47, which effectively made CBD hemp cigarettes legal in the United States for the first time in hundreds of years!

The bill states that as long as cannabis being grown contained less than .3% of THC, the psychoactive substances found in cannabis, it is perfectly legal to grow and sow. This has paved the way for agricultural hemp in a big way, since hemp can be used for a variety of applications, including paper, rope, clothes, and more.

What are CBD Hemp Cigarettes

Since there is no limit on the CBD content, CBD hemp cigarettes are officially legal in all 50 states. Only a few states have created laws limiting hemp manufacturing and consumption, and that includes South Dakota, Iowa, Texas and Idaho. Most proponents of hemp legalization agree that these states are behind the times and will eventually legalize and regulate CBD hemp sometime in the next few years. For the rest of the states, we’re all on board and having a blast!

There are a few different brands of hemp cigarettes.Some companies are creating very high quality premium hemp cigarettes with crushed hemp flower, and others are trying different prototypes such as shredded hemp paper treated with CBD oil and hemp particulates. Both are great to smoke, but the hemp flower actually contains more types of CBD since it’s the whole flower and not just extracted oil. There’s more than 60 different cannabinoids in the hemp flower and it’s a wonder why anyone would choose to make a product without utilizing them all that are legally allowed by law.

Another great and interesting idea for CBD hemp cigarettes has been flavors and strains. Quite a few popular weed strains containing THC have been copied by the hemp industry and “cured” of their THC, so you get the taste and CBD buzz without the intensely psychoactive high that is better for partying. This is great for people who are trying to focus on work but need to relax, or those of us who are trying to quit tobacco but still want a smoke break at work.

Lots of people who try the hemp cigarettes are so impressed with them they end up completely switching to hemp over tobacco, and it’s no wonder why!

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